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2-Point Breast Mask

2-Point Breast Mask
2-Point Breast Mask
  • 2-Point Breast Mask

Product Information

Model: YC-M205

2-Point Breast Mask is fixed on base plate conveniently and firmly and is commonly used in neck radiation therapy, and so it is the better choice for the therapists.


1. Spec:2.4mm thick, and shape size: 23cm×46cm; 22% perforated is normally used.

2. Remark:

When the temperature is at 65-70°C, put the mask in the water tank, the mask would be softened and turn transparent, and keep this status for 1 to 3 minutes. And then position the patient on the base plate with the 2-Point Breast Mask, and different shape could be made optionally and repeatedly. The mask can be repeatedly used many times.


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