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3-Point Head Mask

3-Point Head Mask
3-Point Head Mask
  • 3-Point Head Mask

Product Information

Model: YC-M102

3-Point Head Mask is one of the commonly used masks in the radiotherapy of the head, and 

it can be fixed on the base plate by means of clamping conveniently, so more and more 

therapists prefer to use it.


1. Spec: 2.4mm thick, 22% perforated.

2. When the temperature is at 65-70°C, put the mask in the water tank, the mask would be softened and turn transparent, and keep this status for 1 to 3 minutes. And then position the patient on the base plate with the 3-Point Head Mask, and different shape could be made optionally and repeatedly. Molding at a low temperature, patients feel comfortable when molded. 

3. The mask is designed by the special molecular structure, so the material will not overstretch when being molded.

4. The mask is designed by non-stick coating on the surface, so it can prevent the material from sticking to the patients’ hair and skin.

5. There is no release of toxic fumes during activation, so the mask is very safe for patients and environment.

6. When the mask is reheated in the water tank, it will go back to its original shape, and it can be reshaped many times when needed.


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