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Brachytherapy Transfer Board 1
Brachytherapy Transfer Board 1

Brachytherapy Transfer Board

Model: YC-DF161
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    Model: YC-DF161
    This product is mainly used for position fixed and transferring in the process of patients’ treatment. It is carbon fiber material with the auto-controlled ARM microprocessor, and the unique design makes the operation simpler, more beautiful and more humanized.


    1. Digital operation:
    It can be operated by remote controller or tablet, and can be also used the cell phone APP which can be downloaded in our website to operate.

    2. Suspension transferring:

    The airbag can be inflated by the procedures automatically, so the operator can carry the suspended board easily and the accuracy of the fixation is unchanged.

    3. Database management:

    It is very convenient to use the database management system, such as doctors can input and output the clinical data of the patients at any time.

    4. Unique brake function:

    The special structure means the cart can be fixed by pedaling just once, and needn’t operate every trundle.

    5. Diversified function:

    It can be used as the bracket for perineum inside and outside radiation treatment synchronously.

    6. Electrical control for legs:

    1) The five angles of leg holders can be adjusted by remote controller instead of by hand;
    2) Memory function: it can be automatic reset according to the patients’ clinical data.

    7. Lift adjustment:

    The board can be adjusted up and down by remote controller.

    8. The folding handles:

    1) The handles are at both front and back;
    2) The handles at back are stretched out of the feet support, so it is so convenient to operate the cart;
    3) Some hospitals have the limited space, so the handles are designed with the tabs, and pulling the tabs the handles will be folded.

    9. Feet holders:

    The feet holders can support the patients’ lower limbs directly, so they can provide the effective support to the patients’ feet in the process of treatment.

    10. Source applicator:

    All kinds of applicators can be used.

    11. Other fixation ways:

    1) It can be compatible with thermoplastic masks and vacuum fixation mat to use;
    2) The carbon fiber blocker can be used as a transfer bridge, and can also be used as vacuum fixation mat blocker.

    Brachytherapy Transfer Board 2

    Brachytherapy Transfer Board 3

    Brachytherapy Transfer Board 4

    Brachytherapy Transfer Board 5

    Brachytherapy Transfer Board 6
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