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Stable Moving Laser Lamp for Positioning

Moving Laser Lamp for Positioning offered by China manufacturer Create. Buy Moving Laser Lamp for Positioning directly with low price and high quality.

CT sim lasers

Technical parameters

1. Product Name: CT sim lasers

2. Model: YC-HM172/YC-HM173/YC-HM174/YC-HM121

1) Model: YC-HM172

one sagital line moving laser, two cross line stationary laser

2) Model: YC-HM173

one sagital line moving laser, one cross line moving laser, and one cross line stationary laser

3) Model: YC-HM174

one sagital line moving laser, two cross line moving lasers

4) Model: YC-HM121

four sagital line moving lasers.

Matters need attention:

1. Untrained personnel cannot operate and use this product.

2. This product belongs to class I laser, please do not look directly at the beam!

1) Caution: Harmful radiation exposure may occur if the control or adjustment device is not used or if each step is performed in accordance with this requirement!

2) There is no need to wear goggles for normal operation. Maintenance personnel need to wear goggles in the maintenance process. The protective wavelength is suggested to be 600-700nm, and the optical density of anti-laser is OD4+.

3) Laser specification: wavelength 635&plusmn;5nm, maximum power < 1mW, divergence Angle > 80&deg;, irradiance: 7.93mW/cm2.


1. Product Introduction

1) Parameters

Input voltage: AC220V 50Hz

Rated power: 100VA

Laser line color: red or green

Laser wavelength: 635&plusmn;5nm

Mode of movement: Up and down

Number of laser light lines: 5 lines

Moving speed: 18.75mm/s

Laser lamp line width: the line width at 3m from the laser emitting window is less than 1m, black weak reflection substrate

Laser lamp line length: the line length 1m in the distance from the laser emitting window 3m

Laser positioning system accuracy: 1mm

2) operating environment

Ambient temperature: -10 ~ +50

Relative humidity: 0% ~ 95%, no condensation

Power input AC 220V&plusmn;10%

System reliable grounding: the grounding impedance must be less than 4 ohms

Environment: no vibration, no dust, no steam, etc

Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106kPa

2. Installation and usage instructions

We will show to you the video after you purchase the moving laser.

3. Symbols and Instructions



Waste electrical and electronic equipment need to be treated separately

(Please comply with local laws and regulations)

Beware of laser radiation, do not look directly into the beam.

There is class 1 laser radiation When opened, do not look into the beam.

Red laser wavelength: 635&plusmn;5nm, maximum output power <1mW.

The transportation package should be vertical upward during transportation.

The transport package contains fragile items, which should be handled with care.

Keep dry.

Temperature range for transportation: -10--50℃

fuse wire F1A/250V


Connect the phase line terminal of the network power supply (AC 220V)


Connect the neutral terminal of the network power supply

protective earth terminal

Power On

Power Off

4. Product repair and maintenance

1) daily inspection

Check the device status and ensure that the device is in good condition before locating the device before using the device every day.

a. The components of the device are intact, have not been moved, and the shell has not been opened.

b. All wires and cables, including grounding wires, shall not fall off or insulation not damaged.

c. There is no foreign matter blocking the X-ray tube beam channel and the surface of X-ray plate detector.

d. All indicator light are working normally when power on.

2) daily maintenance

a. Keep the surface of laser positioning system clean.

b. Use dust-free cloth to gently wipe the laser window.

c. Do not remove the shell or cables during cleaning and not collide the device.

d. Do not clean the device when it is powered on.

3) Daily self-inspection

a. Turn on the power, the laser lamp self check motion and reset to the set origin.

b. Open the operation software of laser positioning system, check whether the laser lamp can move to the origin set at the beginning when click the origin bottom on the software..

5. Storage and Transportation

1) Storage

a. Storage environment: It should be stored in a dry, dust-free place with no corrosive gas and good ventilation.

b. Storage temperature: -10&deg; C to +55&deg; C

c. Relative humidity: 80%

d. Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa~106kPa

2) Transportation

a. Do not throw or beat the boxes during transportation and place the boxes according to the labels on the boxes.

b. Transportation temperature: -10&deg; C to +50&deg; C

c. Relative humidity: 30% ~ 90%, non-condensing

d. Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106Kpa

6. Matters need attention:

1. No colliding, product should be stored in clean, ventilated and dry inside storeroom, please don’t be mixed with the harmful and toxic substance in the same room.

2. Please put the product in a horizontal position when it isn’t used.

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