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Foldable Radiation Therapy Carbon Fiber Breastboard with Headrest

Introducing our Compatible Wall-Mounted Carbon Fiber Breastboard for Adults - the perfect solution for maintaining precise breast positioning during radiotherapy treatment. Crafted from premium carbon fiber, this breastboard is both lightweight and durable, ensuring optimal comfort and stability for patients. Designed to be easily mounted on any wall, this product is compatible with a range of radiotherapy machines, making it a versatile addition to any medical facility. Trust in our Compatible Wall-Mounted Carbon Fiber Breastboard for Adults to provide reliable and accurate results for your patients.
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  • YC-KIII-102

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Product Information:

  1. Registered Name: Positioning and Fixation for Radiation Therapy

  2. Product ID: YC-KIII

  3. Model: YC-KIII-102

  4. Material: Carbon Fiber

  5. X-ray Transmittance: >98% (6mv x-ray and error is ±0.2%)

  6. Angles: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°

  7. The Accessories of the Carbon Fiber Breast Board: 1 Set of Carbon Fiber Board, 1 Head Support, 2 Arm Supports, 2 wrist Supports, 2 Hand Grips, 1 Bottom Stopper.


    1. Angle adjustment

The angles are from 0° to 15°. When not in use, it can be folded up.

   2. Bottom Stopper

It can be adjusted up and down depend on the patients’ figures, and one single hand can be operated conveniently. The scales are very visible.

   3.  Joining

Three-hinge structure of this product is our achievement with high intensity, broken and damage never happen even misuse. The patients will feel comfortable when treated because the level between back base plate and sit base plate is totally same.

   4.  Head supports adjustment

There are five adjustable positions and it is very convenient to operate.

   5.  Handles

The Handles with A, B, C scale instructions are convenient to reposition.

   6.  Scale

All scales are used by special technique, never worn.

   7.  Arm supports

Arm supports are processed through strengthening, and they are convenient to replace.

   8.  Compatible Mask

The Breast Mask, and shape size is 400*450mm.





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