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How to make better use of the AIO Baseplate?

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How to make better use of the AIO Baseplate?

Good quality baseplate plays a very important role in both radiation therapy and cancer treatment. However, some consumers have not fully mastered the use of various types of baseboards. So, how should consumers make better use of AIO Baseplates?

Here's the outline:

  • What are the advantages of AIO Baseplates?

  •  How to make better use of the AIO Baseplate?

  •  How to select an AIO Baseplate?

 AIO Baseplate

What are the advantages of AIO Baseplates?

1. Clear usage. Although various types of baseboard models are different, the usage is much the same. The user only needs to load the integrated base plate onto the device such as the isolated simulator treatment bed. Patients should be well dressed and equipped with a suitable compatible thermoplastic mask when using.

2. Easy to operate. Even if consumers do not know how to use this type of base plate, they can learn by themselves through the operation manual. In addition, the brand after-sales staff can also provide remote guidance for consumers' doubts in use, which can also help consumers solve many doubts.

3. It's powerful. This kind of plate is the most commonly used occasion in all kinds of CT and other radiation therapy instruments. In addition, patients with various types of cancer often need to use such devices. It can be said that the high-quality base plate is not only functional but also very practical.

How to make better use of the AIO Baseplate?

1. Know how to use the base plate. Many consumers have a vague attitude toward the manual and are unwilling to spend a long time reading the manual. The brand user manual will not only trust the way to use the product and use skills, but consumers can also improve their work efficiency.

2. Select the matching base plate model. To better cooperate with different types of radiotherapy instruments, different consumers need to purchase different types of floor devices. Matching models of products can also better ensure the efficiency and safety of users.

3. Set a reasonable budget. Many consumers overlook the importance of budgeting. Different brands and different models of the bottom plate not only have different user experiences, but the fixed effect is also different. This requires consumers to work out the appropriate market budget according to the demand.

How to select an AIO Baseplate?

1. Clarify usage requirements. The plates used for positioning and fixation in radiation therapy are not the same as those used for cancer patients. As a result, experienced consumers in the market will first clarify usage needs before making budget decisions.

2. Consult professional advice. Professional purchasing staff, other consumers' opinions, and customer service recommendations can be used as reference factors for consumers to make market decisions.

In short, the high-quality AIO bottom plate has a wide range of applications and powerful functions, which is welcomed by consumers in all countries. Shenzhen Tengfei Yu Technology Co., Ltd. We are a Chinese enterprise that has been producing and processing all kinds of AIO Baseplates for many years. We have the confidence and the ability to produce satisfactory products.

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