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Cancer Treatment Tasteless Radiotherapy Thermoplastic Mask

2.4mm thick, 36% perforated.
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Thermoplastic Sheet

A cancer treatment tasteless radiotherapy thermoplastic mask is a specialized medical device used in radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer. It is made of a thermoplastic material that can be molded to conform to the patient's face and head.

The primary purpose of the mask is to immobilize the patient's head and ensure consistent positioning during radiation therapy sessions. This immobilization helps to minimize movement and maximize the accuracy of radiation delivery to the intended treatment area.

The tasteless feature of the mask refers to the absence of any noticeable taste or odor from the thermoplastic material. This is important as some patients may have heightened sensitivity to taste or smell during treatment. The tasteless mask helps to provide a more comfortable and tolerable experience for the patient.

The thermoplastic material used in the mask is custom-made for each patient. It is heated and molded to the patient's face and head, creating a secure and comfortable fit. Once cooled, the thermoplastic hardens and retains its shape, providing stability and immobilization during treatment.

Additionally, the radiotherapy thermoplastic mask may have features such as perforations or holes to allow for the precise delivery of radiation beams to the targeted treatment area. These perforations are strategically placed based on the treatment plan to ensure accurate positioning and delivery of radiation while minimizing exposure to healthy tissues.

Overall, a cancer treatment tasteless radiotherapy thermoplastic mask is an important tool in radiation therapy, providing immobilization, comfort, and a lack of taste or odor for a more pleasant treatment experience. The mask's custom fit and stability ensure accurate and effective treatment while minimizing patient discomfort.


1. This product is no stimulation to the skin, and it is a white color under the normal temperature condition.

2. At the normal temperature curing time is 1 min.

3. Under the state of constant temperature of 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, need about 1 min to soften.

4. After softening, and operator should do proper cooling before sticking on the patient's skin.

5. Fixed on the skin 5 min later, if have time the better fixation time is 20 min and then operate the next step.

6. With memory function.


Matters need attention:

Product should be stored in clean, ventilated and dry inside storeroom, please dont be mixed with the harmful and toxic substance in the same room.


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