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Position Not Sticky IMRT Radiotherapy Thermoplastic Mask

2.4mm thick, IMRT perforated.
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Thermoplastic Sheet

IMRT head shoulder mask

A non-sticky IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy) radiotherapy thermoplastic mask is a specialized medical device used to immobilize and position a patient's head and neck during radiation therapy treatment. These masks are designed to adhere to the patient's skin without being sticky or causing discomfort.

During IMRT radiotherapy, precise positioning is crucial to ensure accurate and targeted delivery of radiation to the tumor while minimizing exposure to healthy surrounding tissues. Thermoplastic masks are commonly used to achieve this immobilization and positioning.

The thermoplastic material used in these masks becomes pliable when heated, allowing it to be molded directly onto the patient's face and neck. Once cooled, the mask hardens, maintaining its shape and securely holding the patient's head and neck in the desired position.

The non-sticky feature of these masks ensures that they do not adhere tightly to the patient's skin, reducing discomfort and the risk of skin irritation or damage. This is particularly important as patients typically need to wear the mask for extended periods during their treatment sessions.

The IMRT radiotherapy thermoplastic mask is typically custom-made for each patient to ensure a precise fit. It is important to note that the mask should be applied and fitted by trained healthcare professionals to ensure proper positioning and comfort.

These masks are compatible with imaging systems, allowing for accurate alignment and verification of the treatment area before each session. This helps to ensure that the radiation is delivered precisely to the intended target area.

Overall, non-sticky IMRT radiotherapy thermoplastic masks play a crucial role in immobilizing and positioning the head and neck during radiation therapy. Their customizability, non-sticky nature, and compatibility with imaging systems contribute to the accuracy and effectiveness of the treatment.


1. This product is no stimulation to the skin, and it is a white color under the normal temperature condition.

2. At the normal temperature curing time is 1 min.

3. Under the state of constant temperature of 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, need about 1 min to soften.

4. After softening, and operator should do proper cooling before sticking on the patient's skin.

5. Fixed on the skin 5 min later, if have time the better fixation time is 20 min and then operate the next step.

6. With memory function.


Matters need attention:

Product should be stored in clean, ventilated and dry inside storeroom, please dont be mixed with the harmful and toxic substance in the same room.


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